#March4Women 2020

The Bulb | #March4Women 2020 - Care International

There is no climate justice without gender justice. #March4Women 2020 brought together over 6,000 people to celebrate International Women’s Day.  This year’s event focused on women on the frontline of climate change and partnered with leading organisations including Mayor of London, Friends of the Earth, DEC, UN Women UK and Project Everyone. The event started […]

Vivienne Westwood says SWITCH!

The Bulb | Vivienne Westwood Says Switch

‘There is one truly political act you can make as an individual or a group – SWITCH to GREEN ENERGY. Stop the demand for burning fossil fuels and further fracking and make choices that stop climate change” Vivienne Westwood This was the message that activist and designer Vivienne Westwood gave to an audience of 900 […]

COP 23

The Bulb | COP 23 - United Nations

“Climate change is like a thief in the night. It not only steals but kills and destroys. If we don’t act now there might not be a future for the entire human race.” Timochi Naulusala The Conference of Parties is an annual international meeting of political leaders and activists to discuss and agree plans to […]