Did you know that 1.2 billion people live with a disability, and 70% of those disabilities are classed as invisible.  As event organisers, are we doing enough to accommodate this group?  

Our Sustainability Manager, Meg Strahle, has created a unique guide bringing together research, best practice and interviews with experts and those with lived experience.  This document provides thought-provoking insights and a framework to producing events that are positive experiences for everyone.

Sustainability, safety and events in a post-lockdown era

The pandemic will change the way we plan and execute events, adapting to the new ways of living and socialising. As we look towards the start of live events, and find ways to rebuild and recover, we have a window of opportunity to shape the future of experiences.

This guide is a framework for identifying the ‘New Normal’ and proposing ways to ‘Lower Your Impact’. It is a tool to support you in navigating and exploring more sustainable ways of working.

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